“I LOVE our new dentist, Dr. Lee. I was heartbroken when I learned Dr. Karen & Dr. Thomas retired as Dr. Karen had ben my dentist for the past 20 years.

However, Dr. Lee is WONDERFUL! He truly cares for his patients. He’s very gentle, extremely patient, professional and his beside manner is a 20 on a scale of 1-10. He’s AMAZING! I even gave him a huge when I left! I’m so glad he is my new Dentist and I didn’t have to go elsewhere. Thank you Dr. Lee.”

Laura M.

“Highly recommend Dr. Lee, a new dentist at Chaffey Dentistry. He is extremely thorough, gentle, and patient. My mouth is small and difficult to work with (most dentist had hard time with my teeth) as my top and bottom teeth are also not aligned well. But Dr. Lee went extra mile to make sure I feel comfortable and treated. I did multiple procedures with him. First, I took out my wisdom tooth, which I hardly feel anything during my procedure. Second, I did a crown with Dr. Lee, where it looked just like my nature teeth (and he made sure I’m comfortable with it by double checking my teeth alignment). Third, I was very satisfied with him in how thorough he was with my teeth cleaning. You will feel that Dr. Lee really cares about your dental health.”

Helen R.

“10 years I haven’t seen a dentist. Came back to Chaffrey dental!! Best experience ever!! They are very nice, professional, and I highly recommend them!!”

Kurt L.

“Dr. Lee is amazing! I love how professional his staff is when I walked in. Crystal was very detailed and explained all the care before getting treatment done. When it comes to going to the dentist I always get nervous, but Dr. Lee would explain everything and will be honest if something would be uncomfortable- even when he would warn you about discomfort, he was so gentle that I wasn’t able to feel the pain. I will definitely be going here every time because they don’t make you wait for hours in the waiting room when they give you a set appointment date/time. They called me to the back less than 5 minutes from checking in.”

Edwin C.

“I had to get a wisdom tooth removed, and was treated with kindness and the utmost care. The staff was friendly and my doctor was warm and professional. I highly recommend Chaffey Dentistry for your oral care! A++++”

Christopher T.

“Had a root canal and crown procedure done a few weeks ago, and I am very pleased with the way my crown turned out. It looks very natural and sits comfortably along with my other teeth. For the most part the doctor did a great job with not causing much pain during the procedure. The staff helping be fit and as well and they are really good about taking you in at your set appointment time. I’ll be returning for any future appointments. Thank you.”


Cassandra A.

“We moved to Alta Loma from Northern California 2 years ago and are so glad we found a good and caring dentist, Dr. Jung Lee. He is an awesome dentist who provides quality and affordable care. Each visit with him was pleasant, painless when cleaned our teeth. My husband appreciated that he treated the abscess on his gum recently. Staff are also very friendly. Highly recommend this office for your dental care.”

Betty N.

“It saddened me to hear that Dr. Nguyen retired & he’s sorely missed. I’d been his patient since 2001 so he set the bar pretty high for his successor, Dr. Lee. Dr Lee has successfully stepped up and he’s garnered my respect. He’s highly professional, quite knowledgeable and truly cares for his patients and staff. I’m pleased he’s continuing to provide the same care to our community.”

E M.